About Us


Victory Lutheran Church is a group of Christians who come from a wide variety of backgrounds and are a family in Christ. God's grace is for everyone and we welcome you, no matter whom you are or where you come from. We believe that Jesus Christ is the true Savior of all people. By his perfect life, innocent death, and triumphant resurrection, he saves all lost sinners. Our forgiveness from God and victory through Jesus Christ is completely free! Jesus Christ makes us special people, right with God and ready for life! We learn this from the Bible, God's perfect message of grace and guidance for us.

Whether you have never gone to a church or if you are a seasoned Christian, we invite you to explore our beliefs further. To do so, please read our section on beliefs below, which includes links to much more information given at the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod’s (WELS) website. Additionally, feel free to email and/or visit us any Sunday for our worship service and, if you so desire, either Sunday School, Teens Class, or Bible Class. Classes are a great way for non-members to explore, without obligation, what we believe as found in the Bible. We would love to meet and talk with you!

What is the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod?

Victory Lutheran Church is part of a synod (synod means walking together) called the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS). The WELS began in Wisconsin in 1850 and has grown to an international family of believers in Jesus as their Savior, who is the only way to heaven. The synod is comprised of church congregations across all 50 states and serves over 25 countries. For more information about the WELS, please visit www.wels.net. At this website, you will find a wealth of information about the WELS and what we believe. Furthermore, this website contains questions and answers on a vast array of topics, and you can even ask a question yourself here! Alternatively, or additionally, always feel free to contact us!

Why are we called Lutherans?

The name “Lutheran” is used to commemorate the 16th century church reformer Dr. Martin Luther, who stood up for the truth of God’s Word and focused on bringing people back to these truths found in the Bible. For more information, please follow these links:



There are numerous different church synods that identify themselves as Lutherans, and many different church bodies that identify themselves as Christians. However, there can be very important differences in the beliefs of these synods and church bodies. For more information, please see Questions on Other Religions.

What do we believe and teach?

We believe that the Bible is the true, inspired Word of God that is without error. Our beliefs come from God’s Word. Through God’s Word, the Holy Spirit has worked faith in us to believe His truths. We believe that God is Triune - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. By nature, all people deserve God’s punishment because we are not perfect, and God demands perfection. But God wants all people to be saved! We praise God for His underserved love, or grace, as he sent His Son Jesus Christ into the world to save us! We believe that Jesus is both the Son of God and a human being, born of a virgin. Jesus lived a perfect life for us, died on the cross for us, and rose back to life so that we will have eternal life with Him! Thanks be to God, Who has forgiven us all of our sins and given us victory through Jesus Christ our Savior! For more information on our beliefs and what we teach, please visit What We Believe at the WELS’ website. Here, there are multiple, very informative and detailed sections such as This We Believe.

Do you want more information on Jesus? Have you ever asked yourself who Jesus really is? Please visit the website What About Jesus?